What Agreement Does the Knight Make with the Old Woman in Wife of Bath

In “The Wife of Bath`s Tale,” the knight makes an agreement with an old woman in exchange for his freedom from a death sentence. The agreement he makes with her is a profound one that requires him to choose between physical beauty and character.

The knight, as a punishment for raping a young woman, is sentenced to death. The queen, however, offers him a chance to live if he can find the answer to a question. The question is, “What do women want the most?” The knight sets out on a quest to find the answer, and eventually he meets an old woman who promises to provide him with the correct answer if he agrees to do something for her in return.

The old woman requests that he marry her, which initially disgusts the knight, but he eventually agrees out of desperation. After their marriage, the old woman gives the knight a choice. He can have her as she is, faithful and kind, but unattractive. Alternatively, he can have her transformed into a young, beautiful woman, but she will be unfaithful and disloyal.

The knight, struggling with the decision, initially allows the old woman to choose for herself. The old woman, pleased with his chivalry, transforms herself into a young and beautiful woman and becomes his faithful wife.

The agreement the knight makes with the old woman highlights the importance of character over looks and superficial qualities. The knight realizes that the old woman`s true worth lies in her kindness and loyalty, not in her physical appearance.

The tale has a deeper meaning that suggests that women are more complex than what men believe, and that a woman`s worth should not be defined solely by her appearance. The knight`s decision to honor his agreement with the old woman shows a level of maturity and highlights the importance of a person`s character.

In conclusion, the agreement the knight makes with the old woman in “The Wife of Bath`s Tale” is a significant one that shows the importance of character over looks and superficial qualities. This tale has a deeper meaning that highlights the complexity of women and their worth.